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“Hello! I just wanted to thank you so much for making a little 3 year old girl so happy after meeting you. You were so sweet to her and she is so thrilled. She lights up when talking about it. You have a huge fan in her.”


“We met you at the NK library about a month ago… You are amazing! By far the best princess I have seen outside (and including) theme parks. You are engaging and sweet and made my daughter’s day. I would recommend you to anyone looking for an authentic Princess experience.” 


"Thank You for an Amazing Event for my daughter's 4th Birthday Party Vivenne was Awesome!!!! Parents and children were in complete Awe for the whole performance. It truly was a memorable event that will be talked about!!!! This added touch was a big hit!!! From beginning to end Everyone was extremely professional. Highly recommended and will DEFINATELY be using you again in the future. Costumes were pristine in detail as well as the performance. One word..............AMAZING!!!!!"


"Two princesses surprised my daughter for her 4th birthday , and it is an event my husband and I will cherish always! To see the little girls faces light up was heartwarming. Never out of character, the princesses were magical !!! Thank You!!!"


"We had Isabelle arrive for our daughter's 3rd birthday party. The look on our daughter's face when she walked in was worth it alone! She was great with all the kids. They danced, read a story, balloon animals, and got some great photos. She was 110% in character the minute she stepped in the room. I have recommended Isabelle several times and will continue to do so. She keeps adding more and more beautiful princesses. Can't wait for another party!"


“Isabelle came to my daughters 4th birthday party, she was amazing! My daughter and all her friends were in awe. All of the parents also expressed how wonderful she was. I would have another party with them and I have already referred my friends!! Thanks again Princessl!!!” – Very happy mom


“Thank you so much Isabelle for coming to Avah’s party! She had a blast as did all the other girls! I loved all the different activities you did with them and how you kept them focused and intrigued! I would absolutely recommend you to anyone! Thank you again!”


“Thank you so much for being in the Roger Williams Zoo Parade. My daughter really enjoyed meeting her and giving her a great big hug.” 


“Thank you for making my daughter’s party fabulous!”


"Isabelle is so professional never breaking from character. Girls were in awe from the start. This was the best party I have thrown for my daughter and would hire her again in an instant"


"She truly made my daughter's 5th birthday Magical! The girls were in awe, even my 9 and 11 year old enjoyed her. Best birthday party ever!"


"This was just so wonderful. As a busy mom it was perfect. I actually got to talk to adults while the fairy entertained the kids. She sang happy birthday too."


"Isabelle was INCREDIBLE!!! I would highly recommend her. She came to my daughters 3rd birthday and the kids and adults were mesmerized by her. She took the time to be with each child at the party and gave extra special attention to the birthday girl to make her feel special. My daughter loved it and still talks about it. I loved her so much we are going to hire her for the 4th party too."


"The girls were absolutely incredibly amazing! We couldn't be happier! The kids loved them they were patient and gracious and I am so happy! My daughter was a bit shy but loved them so much she loves her necklace and tattoo! Really can't thank you enough! "


"I just wanted to thank you for the performance yesterday! The Jessica's did a phenomenal job! They really made my daughters day extra special and I am sure it is a birthday she will not forget!"


"I just wanted to let you know that Vivienne was wonderful at my daughter's  birthday party on Sunday. She didn't know a princess was coming and she was so happy! She was in awe and stayed at her side for the entire visit. Vivienne was delicately attentive to my daughter while caring for the other children as well. The gift of the snowflake necklace from the performer's neck to my daughter's neck at the beginning was a perfect touch. It was very cute during pictures when my daughter wouldn't leave the princess' side - all the other children had pictures with both of them!  It was very sweet the way my daughter behaved with Vivienne. Rarely have we seen a Queen with such grace and joy for her job"


"I wanted to let you know how great Ashley and Mackie were at our daughters party this past Saturday- they were wonderful!!  All the girls were so excited to see them and loved singing with them!  Mackie has a beautiful voice and they were both so genuine in their role.  The magic tricks were great as well and I appreciated that they gave both my girls a snowflake necklace too! Please let them know how much their visit was appreciated!"


"Jessica was simply amazing at my daughter's  party yesterday. Her ability to manage a group of VERY excited princesses (while totally staying in character) was amazing. She was professional, delightful, entertaining and had a beautiful singing voice. Thank you very much for adding to our magical celebration! The girls just loved her!!!! You've got a very special business Isabelle! I hope you and your princesses stay busy and are all appreciated for all of your hard work. It's truly magical!"

“I just wanted to tell you thank you and that everyone thought your were fantastic!  You totally “look and play” the part perfectly and you’re just lovely. Thanks again for being so flexible and accommodating.”


"We did a princess party for my daughter's 4th birthday and hired Isabelle's to attend. It was amazing. They arrived right on time and came into the room to gasp and applause. The princesses read stories, sang, did balloon animals/shapes and danced with the girls. Finally they gave hugs, did autographs and sadly departed. Everyone was happy and the time flew by. They made her party a success!"


"Isabelle amazed both kids and adults alike as tinkerbell at my twins birthday! Songs, magic, balloons and tons of fun! I highly recommend Isabelle princess parties to all. We have had the pleasure of meeting several of her characters at events and its hard to say who she's best at because they are all spot on perfect!"


"A princess visited my granddaughter on her 4th birthday. After the shock wore off ...the were all transfixed for a minute or too, she charmed them with songs, games, stories and magic. It was a birthday to remember."


“Isabelle was a perfect princess, the kids were in awe of her and had a truly magical time! The pictures from that day are priceless, my daughter still tells everyone she meets that a princess  came to her 5th birthday party!” 


“She  was perfect! 18 little girls were completely mesmorized by the performance and activities and all felt like a princess! Thank you!” 


“It was a wonderful event for Kimberly’s birthday. Kimberly was so excited and she loved every minute of it. I highly recommend the service to everyone. Thanks very much.” 


“My 5-year-old daughter was thrilled a princess could attend her birthday party, especially at such short notice. My daughter was made to feel like a magical princess on her special day."


“The look on my daughters face when she saw the princess was unforgettable!! Isabelle made her birthday party so fun and such a wonderful memory for all that attended"


"We had Isabelle for my daughters birthday party and she was amazing. We have also attended a tea party with Cinderella where she also put on a great show. I will also be scheduling another party in February. Great job :)"


"Isabelle is always so enthusiastic and spends time chatting with each child whether they are overly excited or a bit shy! She is a fantastic princess and we look forward to events that Isabelle's princess parties attends!"


"I can not recommend Isabelle's' princess parties enough. My sister and myself both booked parties with her and she was wonderful. Professionalism at its best. We will be seeing you soon again!!"


"Isabelle did an outstanding job at my little girls 6th birthday party. The kids AND ADULTS were blown away at how amazing she was. She looked exactly like the princess that even the adults at the party couldn't get over it. She paid so much attention to each child. (And we had about 20 kids there), and made my birthday girl feel so incredibly special. What a wonderful experience for all!"


"When all the children were asked to sit at my daughters birthday party and the princess walked in I don't think my daughter even realized who was standing in front of her. After she did realize who it was her face lit up. From the time she walked in she had 13 little followers and kept their interest for an hour. Those children didn't know anyone else was there, they did not leave the princess' side. My daughter says "Can you believe she came to my birthday party?" You have made my daughter feel like the most special little girl in the world. I cannot say enough to thank you."


"Thank You so much for making our Granddaughters 4th birthday such a special day!!  From the time the princess walked in the door she captivated all the kids.  There were 2 boys that are normally to cool to join in on any thing like that, but both boys joined and the girls & had a great time.  The birthday girl couldn't take her eyes off her & when she asked Abbie to come stand next to her, we thought she was going to explode with excitement."


"I just wanted to let you know what an AMAZING time the kids had at the party on Saturday.  The performers were absolutely wonderful.  They handled the chaos that is a 2- year-old's birthday party so well.  The kids loved them and the parents were all commenting on how much the princesses did with the kids.  We will highly recommend your company and we hope to invite you back to future parties!"


"Hi Isabelle, Jessica was absolutely wonderful! She was beautiful, the kids loved her and it was a fantastic time. My daughter said to me that it was her "best birthday ever." That means a lot to me! Thank you so much for everything! I would certainly use you guys again as everything was perfect and all the kids were completely entertained and happy. The parents made many comments to me during the party that Jessica was so good. Thanks again!"


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